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Note: Symbols of SI units, multiples and submultiples are given in parentheses in the right hand column.

To convert from
Use this formula
    temperature Celsius, tC     temperature Kelvin, tK     tK = tC + 273.15
    temperature Fahrenheit, tF     temperature Kelvin, tK     tK = (tF + 459.67)/1.8
    temperature Celsius, tC     temperature Fahrenheit, tF     tF = 1.8tC + 32
    temperature Fahrenheit, tF     temperature Celsius, tC     tC = (tF - 32)/1.8
    temperature Kelvin, tK     temperature Celsius, tC     tC = tK - 273.15
    temperature Kelvin, tK     temperature Fahrenheit, tF     tF = 1.8tK - 459.67
    temperature Kelvin, tK     temperature Rankine, tR     tR = 9/5tK
    temperature Rankine, tR     temperature Kelvin, tK     tK = 5/9tR

* Where an asterisk is shown, the figure is exact